Infill Homes

Revitalizing Properties and Neighborhoods through gentle density

The Dynamic team has been actively engaged with the City of Kelowna on progressive infill development and design methodology. Infill homes include a variety of housing options, including additional dwelling units (ADU) added to a backyard, the demolition and rebuilding of multiple homes on one lot, or additions where a historic home may be fully or partially retained.


Our work is visible in some of the most desirable communities in and around Kelowna. We expedite builds with masterful precision and craftsmanship of the highest order. 

How we work?

Dynamic will work with you to develop and construct your infill project. Whether that means the simple addition of an ADU or carriage home or the design, zoning, and construction of a four or six-plex, we are excited to partner with you on your project. 


Designing the Structure

Our seasoned design-build team will nurture your ideas into a feasible strategy. We can manage all aspects of your project from concept to final walkthrough. Our detailed cost breakdowns, architectural drawings, and work schedules offer a transparent pathway for completion. 


Developing the Plan

Our team oversees the necessary rezoning, development permits, and building permits. Not only that, but we also go out of our way to minimize any disruption to the neighbouring community. We make ourselves available to answer questions and communicate our intentions at every stage for the many stakeholders involved. 


Building Out Your Vision

The onsite construction can begin once all the administrative elements have been coordinated. No matter how limited the worksite may be in terms of available space, we have the experience to conduct residential builds of any scale in a streamlined manner. 


Securing the Final Approval

Our teams perform comprehensive walkthrough inspections to confirm that all aspects of the contract have been fulfilled. Exquisitely built homes may look good in our portfolio, but it’s client satisfaction that ultimately bolsters our business. Final impressions matter!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kelowna support the development of infill homes?

Yes. The Infill Options project aims to expand housing options by enabling the creation of more secondary suites, carriage homes, laneway houses, duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, and townhouses on existing lots.

What are the benefits of infill homes?

As a property owner, infill homes save you the costs of constructing a new home in an unpopulated area lacking infrastructure. Infill builds allow you to remain in an established community instead of creating a new life further outside the city limits.

Are infill homes good for the community at large?

Infill homes are viewed as an environmentally friendly housing option that helps in reducing Kelowna’s carbon footprint, greenhouse gas emissions, and urban sprawl. When built correctly, they rejuvenate the surrounding neighbourhood. 

Are there any special factors to take into account?

Depending on the structure’s intended use, you may be required to rezone your property. Any new development proposal must also conform to the city’s Design Guidelines. There will also be additional development costs for any new residential units being added, as well as the usual building permit fees. Dynamic Contractors can walk you through the expectations.

Questions About Our Process?

If you’re considering a home build or residential construction in the near future, we welcome all inquiries.