Custom Homes

Making Custom Dream Homes a Reality

Your home defines your happiness! Having built dozens of fully custom and semi-customized houses, Dynamic Constructors understands the construction process of bringing big plans to life. We’re accustomed to starting from a blank slate and have completed many high-profile projects across the Okanagan Valley.


Our work is visible in some of the most desirable communities in and around Kelowna. We expedite builds with masterful precision and craftsmanship of the highest order. 

How we work?

Whether we’re kicking off your custom home project with a design consultation or working from blueprints you already have, we will help you build out the specifications, schedule, and budget. We have several architects, designers, interior designers, and subcontractors available to build your dream. You can rely on us to accomplish every milestone.


Refining the Plan

With an understanding of your budget and expectations, our design-build team manages every aspect of construction. All options are openly communicated to you for greater transparency and clarity, from the orientation of your home to the range of materials used.


Finalizing the Details

Our team oversees the necessary approvals, permits, and clearances that can hinder a project’s delivery times if mishandled. We also go the extra mile to ensure your new home fully complies with the BC Energy Step Code guidelines for enhanced efficiency. 


Constructing Your Design

With all the pieces in place, the physical labour can commence. As seasoned problem solvers and construction forecasters, we’re well-equipped to adapt to any potential obstacles that could sideline our progress. Frequent status updates remain a priority throughout. 


Securing the Final Approval

Before obtaining an occupancy permit from the Chief Building Official, specific criteria must be met. Our crews conduct detailed walkthroughs to verify that all plumbing, electrical, and HVAC components are functioning correctly in accordance with local regulations and that the finished work meets your expectations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the design and planning phase?

It varies from project to project, but gaining final approval on every aspect of a custom design can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months. Keep in mind that permitting alone demands several months of wait time.

How long does construction take on a single home?

Including the necessary site preparation, homeowners should anticipate a building phase of approximately 9 – 12 months for the average-sized home. 

What is the BC Energy Step Code?

This is a voluntary standard for builders to incrementally improve the energy efficiency of buildings throughout B.C. in the coming years. The goal is for all new buildings to be ultra-efficient and Net-Zero Energy Ready by 2032. Dynamic Constructors doesn’t simply install energy-efficient insulation, windows, water heaters, lighting, and HVAC components; we strive to deliver buildings that achieve top energy-efficiency performance as a unified system. 

What distinguishes Dynamic Constructors from others in the field?

We pride ourselves on implementing progressive construction methodologies, technologies, and materials. This began with building sustainable homes in 2006 and has since evolved to include other innovative practices. Some of the things we incorporate include Energy Step Code Homes, Passive House Design, WiFi Proofing, Direct Delivery Dropbox (D3), and more.

Questions About Our Process?

If you’re considering a home build or residential construction in the near future, we welcome all inquiries.