Dynamic Constructors Environmental Practices and Goals

Dynamic Constructors creates progressive built environments. We integrate new technology, work processes and design thinking into each of the buildings we develop or construct. We are leading and redefining what it means to create responsible and progressive built environments.

Once you move past the idea of not building anything new, we must then aim to cause the least amount of harm possible to our environment when building. The idea of sustainability, meaning we could build indefinitely without negative repercussions on future generations is challenging if not all together impossible with today’s tools and technologies. We are approaching this challenge with “circular design thinking” which means we consider the full material lifecycle to create built environments and limit the negatives: pollution, toxins, and detrimental consumption of natural resources.

Creating built environments that are future proofed for changes in technology and the environment allows us to achieve building life measured in centuries, not decades. This means being more considerate in our designs and moving beyond simple aesthetically focused trends.

A project whereby we are implementing these practices today is Forest Hills. Forest Hills is a collection of thoughtfully designed, energy efficient homes. These homes are built to a “Step Code” which are measures above and beyond the minimum required by the British Columbia building code. These homes will range from Step Code 2-4, with Step 5 being the maximum and an off grid ready home. We have offset all woods used in the construction on a 10:1 basis. For each tree consumed in home construction we have planted ten through our partnership with Eden Reforestation. We are also creating a new partnership where we offset all plastics used in new home construction that will be announced soon.

We look forward to building a better future with you.