Built Better with Dynamic Constructors

Dynamic Constructors creates progressive built environments. We integrate new technology, work processes and design thinking into each of the buildings we develop or construct. We are redefining what it means to create sustainable built environments and building a better standing into every new environment we create.

Each of the homes, mixed use or commercial buildings we construct will meet or exceed the following. A higher standard is the norm with Dynamic Constructors:

  • Energy Step Code 3 or better;

    • Superior air-tightness installation and quality control;
    • Triple Pane Windows;
  • Woods and plastics consumed in construction are replanted 2:1 or offset respectively;
  • Prewired and piped for future installation of solar photovoltaic panels;
  • Real wood window liners, casement and baseboard at high traffic entry doors;
  • “Bumper” casing along garage side walls to prevent drywall damage from vehicle doors;
  • Prewiring garages for electric vehicles and future uses;
  • Future ready integrated digital delivery drop boxes and drone ports;
  • Recycling and rubbish programs to reduce construction material waste;
  • Materials and technique choices to minimize carbon footprint.

We look forward to building a better future with you.